Sunday, December 21, 2014

GOP Wins Gabby's Seat

Gabby Giffords was famously shot in the head and survived. She must, like most Democrat politicians, have a really hard head, though the bullet has obviously scrambled her brains. After recovering maybe), she resigned from Congress and spent millions to take guns away from HONEST people, which would not have made a bit of difference in her case. I don’t remember if the shooter was using a legal gun or not, but the kind of laws she espouses would not have stopped him from getting a gun, legally, or Illegally. Now a gun-favoring Republican has won her old seat in Congress, which will do more damage to her hopes than all the millions she can raise. Why such people try to take guns away from honest people is beyond me. Maybe they’re just stupid. Frankly, I’d be IN FAVOR of gun control” if it involved punishing the USE of guns in crimes, rather than just taking guns away from honest people and making them into easy targets for illegally armed criminals. (Gun Free Zone)

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