Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ferguson Racism

They insist that racism is the cause of the problems in Ferguson, MO. And they’re right, but not in the way they want you to think. It is NOT that old, “whites hating blacks” racism of the old days. It’s BLACKS hating WHITES, and they are very vocal about it. They think they are ENTITLED by the actions of your ANCESTORS. Yes, there are a few white fools rioting in Ferguson, but most of them are BLACKS (Not “African-American, That’s a phony label they put out do they can control our speech.). Recently FOUR BLACK MEN (led by a REAL “gentle giant”) were seen in a brightly lit gas station. One was put in handcuffs by the cops before the gas station owner came out and told them he was one of his “protectors.” But this is so unusual as to make news, where black people with guns are USUALLY the rioters and looters. They said, “This guy is our friend, and we will protect him.” This again proves that a few honest people with their own guns can put a crimp in the depredations of others, black or white. (The Right to Bear)

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