Monday, December 29, 2014

Another Gun Maker Moves

Magpul (They don't make guns, per se. They make gun accessories, such as magazines), a company that had employed 200 people in Colorado, took out an ad telling Colorado they would move if the state passed the laws that made their products illegal in their own home state. So Colorado passed the laws, and Magpul is now moving it’s entire operation to Wyoming and Texas, taking their 200 jobs with them, as well as the business they “outsourced” to other Colorado firms. What’s WRONG with these people? (Politicians, not Magpul) It would be one thing if their laws weren’t USELESS in the “fight against gun violence” and didn’t just make it worse by DISARMING honest people and making them DEFENSELESS against armed CRIMINALS, who just get their guns ILLEGALLY, since they obey NO laws. But they ARE useless, and you’ll never convince these dunderheads of this. Their skulls are too thick. Their laws are unconstitutional, as well as being useless. But that’s another fact they will not accept. (Denver Business Journal)

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