Friday, December 5, 2014

Not Just "Rednecks"

Liberals want you to think anti-gun control people are just “rednecks” who drive around in pickup trucks with rifles hanging in the back window, so imagine their surprise when “Ice-T,” a well known rap figure and television actor says they’re wrong. And then a well known member of the Asian race tells us “chapter and verse” why today’s gun laws are AGAINST the law and reminds us why certain Asian store owners did not have their stores trashed in the LA riots because they had GUNS and used them for self-protection. They try their best to ignore these people and others like them, “red necks” not at all. You don’t have to be a “red neck” to value your right to self-defense and the ownership and use of the MEANS to that, a gun. One of these days, these fools may “get wise” to reality, but I doubt it. They aren’t smart enough. We will be fighting their efforts to violate the Constitution for the next hundred years, or more, as they ”brainwash” youngsters to their lies. (Tea Party Bulletin)

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