Thursday, December 11, 2014

Di Fi "Investigated," and Boy, Is She Mad!

Republicans recently investigated Diane Feinstein and some other anti-gun fools. This pissed them off, so they started the “investigation” of the CIA’s treatment of those mass murderers in GITMO. They came up with a few liberals who told them we really “hurt” these guys, and it was unfair! But their findings were completely wrong. They didn't even bother to talk to people personally involved. This “enhanced interrogation,” did not even rise to the level of torture (except in the fevered brains of the investigators) and DID lead to some spectacular victories over the Islamic terrorists. Unfortunately, they can’t reveal anything about most of them without revealing things better kept secret. So the liberals have a field day trashing them without response. This is how they work. Investigate their “enemies,” come up with some phony results, publicize those results, and DARE their target to refute them. Which, of course, they can’t, because that would require revealing secrets. (Real Clear Politics)

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