Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Will Terrorists Attack Our Schools?

Will that happen? Will Islamic terrorists shoot up schools in America? Why not? They love to kill Christians, and American schools are filled with them. And they've been filing through our unprotected border for years unopposed, setting up their “secret cells” and waiting for orders from their “handlers.” They mostly only attack “soft targets,” and schools are NOTORIOUSLY soft targets, since they are automatically “gun-free zones,” which means there will be NO GUNS there to oppose them. They like that. That means they can kill a lot of innocent people without worrying about being shot, themselves. And policicians help them by KEEPING schools “gun-free zones.” If ANYBODY, even a SURVIVOR of one of those school shootings, introduces a law to allow legal gun carriers to carry their guns into schools, they oppose them in a “knee-jerk” reaction. The Japanese refused to attack the American mainland for a very good reason: they thought “there would be a gun behind every blade of grass,” and they were right—then. But today, it's different, thanks to the gun-grabbers. And we will regret that when Islamic terrorists start killing our CHILDREN in our “gun-free” schools. Does ANYBODY think Islamic terrorists care that they are breaking the law by bringing guns into schools? Probably not, since they're out to violate much more serious laws by killing people. (Second Amendment Insider)

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