Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dearth of Gun Info

There isn't much information out today about the “gun violence fight” that we haven't already covered, so I guess I'll just have to reiterate what I've said before—many times. That the kind of “gun control” legislation they put out today not only doesn't work, it is actually the CAUSE of much gun violence and many deaths, because it gives ILLEGALLY-ARMED criminals a steady stream of UNARMED victims. Their laws ONLY disarm honest, reliable people while criminals simply either buy their guns out of the car trunks of other criminal's cars in some back alley, somewhere, or simply STEAL them. They worry about “creating a Wild West atmosphere” if everybody is allowed to carry guns. Not so. As Robert Heinlein once said, “An armed society is a POLITE society.” Which is probably why illegally-armed gang members only OCCASIONALLY shoot up the landscape. Every member of a “street gang” is armed. ILLEGALLY. That's a known fact. But it takes something big to get them to “shoot up the landscape.” As a rule, they are very respectful of each other (except for rival members of other gangs with which they are “at war.”). With Islamic terrorists running out of Christians to kill in the Middle East, they are threatening to come here and kill us. There are LOT of Christians here for them to kill, and they're unarmed. Therefore "easy targets." And there are more of them already here than you know, READY to start killing. We need to be armed, in order to repulse them. (Just common sense)

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