Saturday, March 7, 2015

Where Guns Are Banned

Bad guys will kill with knives. Or clubs. Or meat cleavers. Whatever they can find. Lack of guns has never stopped the killing—anywhere; any time. People who want to kill will find something to use in killing, even if they have to use their bare hands. In communist China, where guns ARE banned, there have been TWO mass “knife-killing” incidents in the last couple of years. At least one of which was finally broken up by cops with—wait for it—guns, who shot and killed one of the knife-wielders. This supports the time-honored insistence that the way to stop “bad guys with guns” is with “good guys with guns.” So why not ALLOW the “good guys” to have their own guns? Certain politicians think ANYBODY who has a gun will “go wild” and kill over a “fender bender” or getting cut off in traffic (which already happens, with ILLEGAL guns). (Fox News)

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