Saturday, March 7, 2015

Safest Places In the Nation

In Alaska, Wyoming, Arkansas, and most of Montana you don't need government permission to carry concealed. It is recognized that it is your right to be armed in self defense without a government license. It was that way everywhere a hundred years ago (except in the East, where the anti-gun fools thrived). And these are the safest places in the nation, with crime rates a lot lower than in the rest of the nation. Are the two connected? Does allowing honest people to carry concealed make crime rates go down, as criminals either realize it's much more dangerous there for them to “ply their trade,” or to find out WHY that is and die for it? Now Colorado, with currently some of the tightest gun laws in the nation, is considering going in the same direction. A “constitutional carry law” has already passed the Senate there. It has two more hurdles to go, and I hope it survives them. As a Colorado resident, I look forward to being able to have and carry a gun, that the Constitution says is my right to do. (The Right to Bear)

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