Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Surging Gun Violence"

Cops and citizen organizations are “disturbed” about increased gun violence in Tampa, Florida last year. They're disturbed because the number of gun deaths this year, so far, has almost DOUBLED from 2014. What they don't say is that few, if ANY of those shootings involved LEGALLY-owned guns. The news item doesn't even MENTION that as a possibility. Most of them came from GANG killings, done by KIDS too young to even be ALLOWED to have guns, but who do, anyway. That way they don't have to admit that their misguided “gun laws” that take guns away from honest, reliable people while ignoring the fact that guns are more easily available ILLEGALLY to criminals CAUSES most of those shootings as the criminals take advantage or the DISARMING of their potential victims. They don't severely punish the USE of a gun in the COMMISSION of a crime. Instead, they DISARM the potential VICTIMS of criminals who are holding ILLEGAL guns. (WINK News)

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