Friday, March 20, 2015

Always Some Fool Willing

There's always some fool willing to have a law made to do something unconstitutional. Now comes this “feminist” reporter who thinks ALL guns should be CONFISCATED, especially from MEN. This feminist “reporter” (Andrea Grimes), who works for the lefty woman's site, “Reality Check” (misnamed, of course—they always misname things), says we “need to stop 'giving guns' to everybody, but mostly to white guys” (We don't “GIVE” guns to ANYBODY. They have to BUY them). Funny: liberals call anybody who disagrees with them (since Obama) racist, but then they propose their own racist ideas. Unconstitutional, too. This fool is obviously a gun-hating, man-hating idiot and it's a shame ANYBODY listens to her tripe. She makes a blanket statement that “men aren't responsible enough to handle guns,” which is patently bigoted and false. But she's already announced her bigotry with her ideas about guns. Hope she never gets elected to any lawmaking body. If she did, we'd constantly have to be “pushing her aside,” which is what we should do with ANYBODY, male or female, with such fool ideas. (Daily Caller)

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