Monday, March 9, 2015

"Easier to Buy A Gun Than A Book"

That's what Obama says. But that's yet another of his BIG LIES. It's NOT easier to buy a gun than to buy a book in this country unless you're a CRIMINAL, to begin with. I buy books regularly. But I'd have to really go out of my way to buy a gun. I'm not a criminal. That's the whole problem today. The “anti-gun laws” they make “create a market” for ILLEGAL guns. THAT'S what makes it easy to buy a gun—on the black market. That's the whole point: “create a problem," then claim to want to “solve” the problem YOU'VE created. That's the “modus operandi” of politics if you're a Democrat. If there weren't laws making it impossible for HONEST people to be able to be armed in self defense (in spite of the Constitutional guarantee to keep us armed), the black market in guns wouldn't be as strong as it is. (The Blaze)

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