Saturday, March 28, 2015

They Really Think This'll work?

Two ministers in Joliet, Illinois are organizing a “walk to end gun violence” after a “marked increase” in gun violence there. Are they really stupid enough to think this will have ANY effect on gun violence? As with other “gun laws” passed recently, it will have ZERO effect on gun violence, but they will feel good about themselves because they will have “done something” to stop it. Never mind it will have NO effect. Anybody who proposes a REAL law to “end gun violence” such as one that will arm HONEST, RELIABLE PEOPLE so they can defend themselves, gets immediate, and violent opposition from these FOOLS. They think they're doing a great job, but the number of people who get killed by ILLEGAL guns tells us otherwise. But they're not intelligent enough to “tumble” to that. (Joliet Patch)

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