Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Ban Wal-Mart"

That's the liberal “logical solution” to the gun violence that seems to be on the increase in Wal-Mart parking lots, one of the most recent involves 17 people in Cottonwood, Arizona. ONE of the “suspects” was killed, and ALL EIGHT of the responding police officers was injured. Isn't that enough to have government BAN Wal-Mart? You say Wal-Mart parking lots are “no-gun zones?” How is it then that people still bring guns there? Don't they know it's against Wal-Mart policy? Oh; you mean some people don't OBEY such things? That's UNHEARD OF. You say it's NOT? You say banning Wal-Mart is the wrong solution?” So is banning guns a better solution? They probably won't obey THAT ban, either. At least, they have PROVEN to ignore laws. You say criminals don't OBEY laws? What a novel idea! So I guess banning guns is out of the question, too? No, you say? You'll keep on doing that, even though it has been PROVED to be a useless gesture? Oh. (Fox 8)

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