Friday, March 6, 2015

"Just Pass A Law"

And crime will stop. That's the sum total of the thinking of the anti-gun fools who are constantly making useless gun laws that do nothing except provide more unarmed victims for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. They think all they have to do is pass a law, and criminal activity covered by that law will stop—immediately. That shows a degree of naivete that knows no bounds. They have been proven wrong time and time again, but that doesn't penetrate their thick skulls. They keep on making their stupid laws and creating more and more honest victims while criminals get their guns more easily in areas of tight gun laws than elsewhere. Now they're going in a different direction. They're now trying to ban AMMO, to make the guns (which they can't ban) useless. That's not going to work, either. (KMJ Morning News)

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