Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ban Airplanes!

Make sure all passengers go through background checks. Oh, sorry: it was a CO-PILOT who intentionally crashed his plane and killed all aboard? Okay, ban PILOTS! Because BANNING things always “solves the problem.” At least, according to liberals like Senator Diane Feinstein, who knows NOTHING about guns, but who pretends to be an expert. For instance, ANYBODY who has any EXPERIENCE at all with guns knows you don't put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to FIRE. Look at the picture in the attached story. Where is her finger on the gun she's holding? Oops! You can't see it because of the airplane they "Photoshopped" in. But I've seen the original, unedited photo, and her finger is firmly ON the trigger, unconsciously threatening everybody in the room because if she accidentally fires it, there's no telling where the bullets will go (IF the gun is loaded). And again, experienced gun handlers know a gun is ALWAYS to be ASSUMED loaded, and treated as if it were. Damn! It sure would be nice if the politicians who push their brand of “gun control” knew a little something ABOUT guns, wouldn't it? Of course, if they were more intelligent, they wouldn't make the kind of "gun laws" they make, would they? (Gun Mart)

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