Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Collects Guns? He's Crazy!"

That's what they figure here. This was originally a child safety action, but soon became a gun-control issue. This government has been making gun ownership a reason for confiscating guns for a while, now. And this is just one case of it. They can't just BAN guns, so they make it as hard as possible on people who HAVE guns. It's a case of law enforcers DEFINING the law to suit themselves. In this case, just the fact that this guy has a gun collection means he has “mental issues.” He doesn't, but they SAY he does, and their “pet judge” accepts their bullcrap, so it happens. This judge has ordered that there be no guns in this guy's house until his kids are ALL over 18. The man argued that the court erred when it ordered him to get rid of his guns, and the court seemed to agree. But they still made getting rid of his guns a condition to allow him to keep his children. What gives? This is an example of TWO of my “pet peeves,” “gun control” and “child protection” come together—and we know how the child protectors flout the law while ABUSING children in the NAME of child protection. (Washington Post)

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