Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Eric Holder Clone

Eric Holder is leaving, Hurrah! In his place is scheduled to be Loretta Lynch, a female clone of Eric Holder. Activists have gotten more than 148,000 signatures on a petition in opposition to her appointment. The president is SUPPOSED TO “respond” to a petition containing more than 100,000 signatures. They want to end up with more than 200,000 signatures. Does ANYBODY think that will make a WHIT of difference to Obama? How many previous petitions containing more than 100,000 signatures has he ignored? It's a known fact that Obama ignores any and ALL petitions, does just what HE wants, and to HELL with what the American people want. He is, after all, a KING, you know. Whoever he appoints is EXPECTED to be “approved” by this, the SECOND “compliant Congress” lately, Democrat or Republican. Yes, the Republicans now control Congress, for whatever THAT'S worth. They're ACTING like they're Democrats. (National Association for Gun Rights)

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