Sunday, March 8, 2015

Attacked From Behind

Got a gun? Can't adopt. The anti-gun fools can't seem to get all the laws passed against guns they'd like.. So they improvise. Now they're influencing decisions about adopting children, while releasing “executive orders” to ban certain ammunition for the most popular gun in the country, the AR-15. Everything they can accomplish “administratively” to get around the law. And you can expect even more sniveling, back-stabbing actions to make it harder on people who own, or want to own guns, to live their lives in peace. Another harassment effort involves pressuring banks to close the accounts of gun makers and gun sellers to make it more difficult for them to do ANY business. So now “gun people” can't buy AR-15 ammo, adopt children, and likely can't get a bank account. What's next. There's no telling with the underhanded fools doing these things. You know, like Barack Hussein Obama. (Say Uncle)

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