Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Need More Guns?

This article is basically asking, “If people are killing people, why do we need more guns?” What a STUPID question that is! We need more guns in the hands of HONEST people to defend ourselves against DISHONEST people who ALREADY have guns they either STOLE or bought ILLEGALLY from other criminals. They cite a case where cop was cleaning his gun in a school when it went off. They ask, “If a man with a lot of training in handling guns can make such a mistake, why let just anybody carry a gun?” Which begs the question, “Who says this particular cop HAD extensive training in gun handling? Some cops NEVER get any training in how to handle their guns. And why was he cleaning his gun IN A SCHOOL? They ASSUME that honest people carrying guns will be CARELESS in the handling of those guns, which is another STUPID assumption. What IS really stupid is thinking they can protect people by DISARMING them while crooks, who don't obey laws, are still armed, and can be just as irresponsible as they assume honest people are. That picture of the writer shows even HE looks as silly as he is. (OAOA)

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