Friday, March 20, 2015

They Gotta Be Racist!

Pro-gun groups are organizing against the ascension of Loretta Lynch to the office of Attorney General. Of course, the only reason they would do that is because she's black. Never mind she's as unalterably AGAINST Americans having guns for self-defense or any other reason. Never mind she is an “Eric Holder clone” and will most likely continue his policies of refusing to enforce laws Obama doesn't want enforced, ESPECIALLY those laws HE has broken. Holder has been a staunch supporter of the lawlessness of this president, refusing to recognize his lawlessness even as congressional committees “investigate” Obama's lawbreaking every day without results, because Holder will not allow anybody to REALLY provide information that might indicate Obama's guilt and criminal actions. Federal attorneys who have tried have been summarily FIRED while others have “backed off” after being WARNED. So the ONLY reason in the liberal mind to oppose her is she's black—their usual “fall-back position” when they're opposed. (The Hill)

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