Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Choking 'Em Out"

That's what Obama's goons are doing to gun-makers and sellers. They're putting pressure on banks to deny them banking services on the basis of their being a “reputation risk.” Remember, these are LEGAL BUSINESSES that Obama's goons are setting up to “choke out of business” on a false premise. Gun makers and sellers are NOT a “reputation risk.” They are a LEGAL business that Obama just doesn't like. If I were in the gun business, I'd file SUIT against any bank that refused my business, accusing them of DISCRIMINATION. And I'd WIN, unless Obama gets to the courts, too—which he may have done. For whatever Obama wants, “the fix” seems to be in, legal or not. What he's doing here is PATENTLY ILLEGAL, but he's doing it, anyway. He cares NOT about the legality of ANYTHING he does. If he wants it, he does it. And so far, NOBODY has the GONADS to oppose him. (Wholesale Direct Metals)

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