Thursday, March 5, 2015

Telling "The Big Lie"

Obama is (as usual) telling “the big lie” to support his proposed BAN on AR-15 ammunition. He says cops have been KILLED by this ammo, and he wants to get rid of it by BANNING it. Now you ask, how many cops have gone victim to this “dangerous ammunition?” The answer is easy to understand for intelligent people—NONE. Zip. Nada! He's basing his ban on a LIE, as usual. That's what Obama does best—tell a LIE, and use that lie to convince people who should know better, to support his silly laws. Never mind that all a ban will do is keep HONEST people from having that ammo while innovative ammo makers redesign the AR-15 to use different ammo and criminals sell the original ammo on the Black Market. Laws to stop Americans from having guns NEVER stops criminals from getting their guns. To the contrary, the tighter anti-gun laws are in any given area, the easier ILLEGAL guns are to get there, and the more guns are available. It's a self-defeating exercise. (World Net Daily)

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