Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Arizona to Ban Federal Gun Laws

Yes, it can be done. By a simple law, passed by the legislature of ANY state—IF they want to do so. The feds tell you federal law TRUMPS state laws, which is a LIE. The Constitution clearly states that just the opposite is true, the “Commerce Clause” notwithstanding. That clause has been purposely misunderstood more often than the Second amendment has been misunderstood, and for the same reason: to pass unconstitutional laws and make the citizenry think they are proper. But Arizona apparently realizes this, and are in the process of making laws that TRUMP federal anti-gun laws. Let's just hope the new governor is as astute as was the former one, who was seen giving Obama a “piece of her mind” when he came to her state, thinking to “bully” her into submission. (Western Journalism)

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