Monday, March 2, 2015

Who "Vets" Commentators on Fox?

That's what they're asking since one of them, Regis Giles,  commented about Obama's ridiculous claim that AR-15 ammo could penetrate bullet-proof vests, his false claim as the reason why he wants to BAN those bullets, except in cop's and government agent's guns. The fact is, that there has NEVER been a case of a cop being murdered by such a bullet. It's all in Obama's “gun-hating” mind. He just wants to make it tougher on gun owners. As to “vetting” Fox people, they don't. They hire good people and “turn them loose.” They mostly tell the truth, but remember, they have as many LIBERALS on staff as conservatives. And you can't get liberals to tell the truth, wherever they are. (Patriot Post)

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