Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Bad Idea From the Start

A man carried a rifle openly PAST a school where guns are prohibited. This forced them to put the school on “”lock-down” and disrupted the kids' education. The cops “politely” confronted him and he “not so politely” cussed them out. Yes, he has a right to do this, but “taunting” cops any time is not a good idea. They can ALWAYS find SOMETHING to arrest you for. In this case, “disturbing the peace.” If you're a pro-gun person, DON'T do anything like this. You'll set the gun rights issue back. Responsible people in favor of being able to have guns for self defense will NOT support you. If he had just walked by the school and not “paraded” back and forth, taunting school officials into CALLING the law, there would have been no problem. But he WANTED to force action on the part of the cops. That's what liberals do. Not us. We try to observe the law and not “taunt” the cops. (The Right to Bear)

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