Friday, March 13, 2015

It's A Fabrication

Holder's “study” that “proves” Ferguson is a “racist” police force is a bunch of “massaged” figures and lying inferences. For instance, the population of Ferguson is 67% black. Nationwide, blacks are 12.5%, but commit 50% of the crimes. Similar figures rule in Ferguson, but the Ferguson cops make fewer arrests of black persons than the national average. So where's the racism? It's being INVENTED by Holder, who is carrying Obama's water in trying to PROMOTE a “race war” for their own purposes. Their purposes being to make laws and regulations to have tighter CONTROL over the populace. Nationally, blacks make up 50% of prison populations, which is FIVE TIMES their population numbers. Liberals complain about that, IGNORING the fact that they commit far more crime than do whites. The fact is, you can make “statistics” say anything you want, by IGNORING stats that don't agree with your thesis—and that's what Holder did. (Yahoo Photos)

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