Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unbelievable Stupidity

I just can't believe the STUPIDITY of certain residents of Ferguson, MO, for whom facts just don't matter. They already have their minds made up. Even though the Attorney General himself (who is one of the co-conspirators in the attempt to start a race war on the backs of Ferguson residents) said the cop was in the RIGHT when he shot and killed Michael Brown, and that he NEVER raised his hands and said, “don't shoot”, a story that is SUPPORTED by witnesses who are not criminals, themselves, answer confidently that he DID when asked. They don't care a WHIT about the FACTS. All they want to tell us is what they WANT us to believe. I should ask them: “Who do you call when YOU are threatened by such goons as Michael Brown?” They'll probably return to their “fall-back position” and call me a racist because it's a question they CAN'T answer. They'll call me a racist for this, too: I can tell by their voices that those lying witnesses are all black. I feel sorry for the white residents of Ferguson. (Daily Mail)

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