Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weapons Are Everywhere

You just have to recognize them. This video tells you about a number of specially designed weapons known only to a few self-defense specialists. But don't even ASK me where to get them. Those “ripper rings” especially intrigue me. It make me think of many other items that can be used in the same way-- like a ring of keys, for instance. And it doesn't have to be a BUNCH of keys. Just ONE key between the fingers can do a lot of damage to an attacker. Another excellent weapon can be found in major book stores. It is designed to hold the pages down while you're reading and eating so that you don't have to hold the pages down with one hand while eating with the other. It looks like a policeman's “slap-stick,” and can be used as one. But with two heavy metal pieces on each end, it is very effective in use against an attacker. But don't try and use it to BE an attacker. That'll get you a long jail term..

Not because of what you used, but because you were the attacker. Not so because it is a weapon. It is NOT.It is being sold in major book stores all over the country. A heavy ash tray, or anything heavy that can be thrown or used as a club. Heavy lamps have been used many times effectively. You just have to have the right “mind-set” to look around you all the time and SEE a weapon where others do not. You can buy large ball bearings, which are excellent for throwing, and they can be bought legally in any sporting goods store. They are not weapons unless USED as such. I used to carry a 2-cell aluminum flashlight (available in drug stores everywhere) in my back pocket. And an encounter with a cop in the line at a convenience store reminded me of a basic truth: It's not a weapon unless you USE it as one. He told me it could be considered a weapon, and I replied that, if I ever used it as one, we could discuss it then. That got a laugh out of him. It reminded me that there are MANY things, all around us, that can be used effectively, as a self-defense weapon, if we just look around us and SEE them. (WesternShooting Journal)

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