Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Only Cops Are Smart Enough?"

That's what a top Palm Beach sheriff is saying, in commenting on legislation now in Tallahassee (the state capital). He says only cops are able to learn how to PROPERLY handle weapons. How arrogant THAT is! Who are cops? Civilians who have gone through training—and all of THEM are not responsible in the handling of their guns, even after all their training. I've seen too many stories about cops "going off the deep end" with their guns.  What makes him think “private citizens” are not capable of learning how to properly shoot and handle guns—or how to be responsible abut it? This kind of thinking is a result of the “us or them” thinking in the minds of many cops, which divides the world into two groups: cops and non-cops, with non-cops somehow not being as smart as cops. This kind of thinking, if it gains “traction,” can set back self-defense a LOT. (CBS 12 News)

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