Friday, March 27, 2015

Come On In And Shoot Us!

That's what students at The University of Nevada at Reno might as well be saying to those who would like to do just that. They might as well add to their statement that, “There will be no guns here to oppose you, so come on in and kill as many of us as you want.” That's what ANYBODY does when they create a “no-gun zone.” They're IMBECILES if they think creating a “gun-free zone” will stop someone bent on mass murder from bringing their guns on campus to do it. I just don't understand the thinking (if there IS any) of the people who create such zones. Do they really think that will dissuade people from bringing their guns on campus? ALL campuses are “gun-free zones,” but has that stopped the people who came on campus and killed a lot of unarmed, innocent people? Not a chance! If you want to get a bunch of people killed, just create a “gun-free zone.” (Reno Gazette-Journal)

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