Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Targeting" Open Carriers

One of the things gun grabbers are doing now is, when they spot a man in a store with a gun, call the cops, claiming there's an “armed robbery going on,” hoping the cops will KILL that man when he leaves the store, thinking (falsely) that he just robbed the store. That happened to Eric Scott, who is a LICENSED gun carrier, and was “targeted” by a “rent-a-cop” in a Las Vegas COSTCO store where was shopping. The security guard told him to leave, but the manager told him he could stay. That pissed the security guard off, so the cops were called (not by the store manager) and given the false information that Scott was robbing the store. They waited outside, and when Scott came out, they confronted him, and ended up shooting him to death—on the phony word of that “rent-a-cop,” in OPPOSITION to the orders of the store manager. Which makes him a MURDERER. There are many other instances of this, and in these cases, the cops are WAY too quick to shoot, ending up killing INNOCENT legal gun carriers—which is the GOAL of the “gun-grabbers.” They're really getting “down and dirty,” folks! They use cops top “do their dirty work.” (Daily Caller)

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