Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Liberals Hate This

It's a “common sense gun law” that makes them wet their pants. It's a law to make “concealed carry laws” reciprocal from one state to the next. To make states without easier “concealed carry” laws respect the permits issued by other states that have them. There are way too many situations nowadays like that in Maryland, where the cops TARGET people from states with “concealed carry rights” and search their cars WITHOUT “probable cause” to find any guns they might have forgotten in their cars so as to ruin their day—week, month, years. States that don't allow “concealed carry” work HARD to punish people from those states that do for having the temerity to do so. They ignore the Constitution and enforce ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws in their state, hoping to punish people from states who follow the Constitution. They want EVERY PLACE to be a “gun-free zone,” even though gun-free zones get people KILLED. Of course, they're not intelligent enough to admit that. (Second Amendment Insider)

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