Friday, March 6, 2015

Spreading Lies and Discontent

Jennifer Mascia, also known as “Tommy Gnostis, is a Bloomberg lie-spreader. She goes to pro-gun web sites and spreads lies and discontent. Pretending to be pro-gun, she says things no REAL pro-gun person would EVER say, all of it lies. One of the lies she spreads is that gun rights are losing. But anybody who pays attention to the real world knows we're WINNING. Obama can't get his anti-gun laws passed in Congress, so now he's planning on trying the “administrative” route. What that means is, he's going to put out an ILLEGAL “Executive Order” to BAN AR-15 ammo, telling the LIE that the ammo can penetrate the body armor cops wear, thus banning the ammo is to “protect cops.” The truth is, NO cops have EVER been hurt by an AR-15 bullet penetrating their body armor. His ban is not to “protect cops,” it's to CONTROL the use of guns by legal owners by making their ammo unavailable. (Captain's Journal)

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