Friday, March 13, 2015

They Wonder Why We Want Guns

The anti-gun fools try and paint people who want to be able to carry and use the means to self-protection, a gun, as being “obsessed” with guns.” Not true. What we ARE “obsessed with” is being able to defend ourselves against the MILLIONS of “gang members” in this country, hundreds, even THOUSANDS of them living right in your neighborhood, each one of them holding an ILLEGALLY-obtained gun which they'll use at the drop of a hat. And they'll even drop the hat. My grandson had a job in a convenience store right down the street from where I live and had to quit, due to harassment from gang members. Add to that the FACT that Islamic terrorists are recruiting AMERICANS to fight AGAINST America in the future in “lone-wolf actions” to create havoc, right here in America. And I'd bet THEY will have illegally-obtained guns, too. Meanwhile, the government works HARD to DISARM all responsible, honest Americans so they will not be able to defend themselves. (Cowboy Byte)

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