Tuesday, March 3, 2015

They Never Learn

We lost many of the anti-gun fools in the Congress in the last election, but those who remain are “alive and well” and as stupid as ever. Limiting the size of gun magazines never works, but they are determined to keep on coming at us with this stupid law. That's just one of the stupid laws they wan to make. All work to DISARM Americans while criminals go right on getting their guns ILLEGALLY. They just won't get it that criminals don't OBEY laws. ANY laws, much less ones that say they can't be armed. They never have, and they never will. But these fools keep insisting on trying to make more laws for them to ignore, rather than come up with some that will WORK. And we keep “beating them back” with LOGIC, until they come out and deny the EXISTENCE of logic so they won't have to fight it, any more. (Daily Caller)

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