Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Latest Argument Is Stupid

The latest argument against allowing college students to carry their guns onto campus if they're legally allowed to carry them, anyway is STUPID. They make note that there is a lot of drinking going on in college, and they don't want drunken students anywhere near guns. That completely ignores the fact that in the “general population” there is a lot of drinking, too—which is evidenced by the rising number of drunk driving convictions (that are on the rise even though “authorities” don't get exited about MULTIPLE drunk driving convictions until the drunk KILLS someone). And in places where gun carrying is easier, gun deaths are NOT a “rising problem.” On the contrary, where gun laws are the most permissive, gun violence goes DOWN. That's a provable FACT, much purposely ignored by gun grabbers. Yes, a lot of drinking goes on in college. But a lot of learning goes on there, too. (Rare)

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