Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gun-Grabber's Worst Nightmare

Illinois passed a measure that “canceled out” Chicago's tough anti-gun laws and allowed “concealed carry—and gun violence PLUMMETED as a result. NO longer can gun grabbers say, truthfully, that “concealed carry” won't affect gun violence, and that the only way to defend ourselves was to DISARM all Americans (except the criminals, of course, who get their guns illegally). Of course, they don't care about truth. The gun grabbers say whatever they think we will BELIEVE in support of their insane gun bans and attempts to ban ammunition to make our guns useless. Chicago, although it had some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, also had the worst gun violence figures in the nation. Something we pointed out, many times, which did NOTHING to keep Chicago from making more useless and stupid gun laws—until now. I predict that the stupid politicians in Chicago will try their best to get around the Illinois law that PERMITS “concealed carry,” in SPITE of it's DEMONSTRABLE effect on gun violence (or perhaps BECAUSE of it). (Ben Swan)

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