Monday, March 30, 2015

"Gun Ownership Is A Privilege"

Not a right, according to a judge in Glendale, Arizona, who put on his crown and “confiscated” (stole) the guns owned by a disabled vet, based on a “complaint” from ONE person. No charges were ever filed in this case, but this judge, “feeling his power,” took these guns away, anyway, saying, “Owning guns is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.” Somebody needs to tell him about the Second Amendment to the Constitution where gun ownership is GUARANTEED to every American. There are way too many people in powerful positions who are either not aware of this, or who just IGNORE it. Which, I suspect, is the case, here. This is yet another case that shows the Founders made a BIG mistake when they did not write a severe penalty into the Constitution for people in government positions who violate it, beyond reversing legislation. People like this judge should be summarily REMOVED, and all his decisions reviewed with a view toward reversal in other cases of wanton violation of the Constitution. Judges SHOULD know better. (Student of the Gun Radio)

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