Monday, March 23, 2015

NY: "Gun-Free Zone"

And predictably, their violent crime rate went UP 21%. And that's LOW compared to some other “gun-free” cities. They've even got microphones in certain places, supposedly to pick up the sound of gunshots so they can get there quickly. But those microphones can also pick up conversation, so if you have some “anti-government views,” you'd better keep them to yourself around those microphones (IF you can tell where they are). New York City is supposed to be “a safe place” because of their “draconian gun laws.” But it is NOT. It is one of the most UNSAFE cities on the planet. It's a “bait and switch” for them to say that, so you'll come there and, after living there a while, find out the truth that you aren't safe, at all. Just like their “bait and switch” ad campaign all over the country telling businesses to move to New York and not have to pay state taxes for ten years. What they don't emphasize is that after you've been there ten years and are well-entrenched and can't afford to move, THEN they hit you with what amounts to the highest taxes in the nation. (Last Resistance)

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