Thursday, March 12, 2015

"No Statistical Basis"

That's what a Washington Post fact checker says about Obama's snarky crack about the “fact” that “it is easier in some places to buy a gun than to buy a book or a fresh vegetable.” I knew he was LYING as soon as I heard him say it. I didn't need a statistical inference to know it. That's what he DOES. When he wants something, he LIES to support it. As he did many times when he wanted to pass Obamacare into law. He told us we could keep our doctors and hospitals if we liked them, well KNOWING it was a lie. He said his plan would LOWER yearly insurance rates by $2500 when he KNEW it would DOUBLE them, while we were FORCED to buy it. Whenever he opens his mouth, he LIES. Listening to him talk is the best way to know what's true. Whatever he says is a LIE, so “turn it around” and you have the truth. He says his laws will stop gun violence, so we KNOW they will NOT. (The Blaze)

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