Sunday, November 2, 2014

What? He Was A Felon!

I thought felons weren’t allowed to HAVE guns! Then how did this FELON accidentally shoot himself AND his son the other day? I thought making a law against something was supposed to stop it from happening. I guess it doesn’t. They haven’t figured out yet, that criminals don’t OBEY laws. And a felon is a CRIMINAL. I hate to keep repeating this over and over, but the anti-gun fools just can’t understand simple English. You have to repeat simple facts over and over before they have any chance of understanding. And THEN they don’t understand because they don't WANT to understand. You ask them “What part of ‘criminals don’t obey laws’ don’t you understand?” And if they were truthful, they’d answer, “All of it.” But the truth is not in them. They just ignore facts and go right on making their useless laws that only get innocent people killed. (Selling the Second Amendment)

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