Sunday, November 23, 2014

"From My Cold, Dead Hands'

That saying takes on a new meaning in Buffalo, NY, where cops are going “door-to-door and “confiscating” (stealing) guns from the families of people who have died, saying it’s “so the guns don’t get into the wrong hands.” What a bunch of BS! For my money, they ARE “getting into the wrong hands” when the cops come and take them without having to pay for them, and without any real right to do so.. They are personal property, and should NOT be subject to these “police state practices.” The law they made to allow this is patently unconstitutional, but they don’t care about that. They’ll do what they want, and to hell with the Constitution. “The PRESIDENT ignores it, so why wouldn’t they?” This is further evidence that we are entering a police state and the Constitution is becoming an “outdated document” politicians need not obey, even though they all SWORE to uphold it, (The Right to Bear)

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