Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Citizens Refuse to Comply

What do you do when 10.000 citizens refuse to comply with a law? Do you build a few more jails and arrest them all? (You'd need more cops, too) Or do you reconsider your overbearing and stupid law? That’s the decision Connecticut law enforcement has to make when thousands of citizens have signified their refusal to obey Connecticut’s new gun registration law. All this was in response to the Sandy Hook school shooting, which occurred in a “no-gun zone,” proving (again) that laws do not deter criminals and crazies. As many as 250 peace officers in Connecticut have said they will NOT enforce the new laws. So the “authorities” have a big decision to make. Further, all but TWO of the Connecticut sheriffs have said THEY will not enforce it. Those citizens who have refused to comply with this stupid law are ready to go to jail, if necessary. But I sincerely doubt it will be necessary. Wiser heads will ultimately prevail, I think. Or they’d better get to work building more jails. (World Net Daily)

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