Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gonna Be A Few Years

Apparently, Colorado Governor Hickenlooper has been re-elected, keeping pro-Second Amendment Bob Beauprfez out of the governor’s mansion for a few more years. Which means until we can get rid of him, we will keep suffering under the stupid gun laws people like him pass into law. Hickenlooper  ignored the advice of many sheriffs in Collorado when former NYC Mayor Bloomberg conned him into passing a law requiring universal background checks and limiting the size of gun magazines, He also got passed, some of the worst TAX laws ever seen. And I’m sure he and his crowd have even more restrictive gun laws to be put on the books to increase the gun violence in Colorado. He denied talking to Bloomberg, then three days later, admitted it. He also admitted that his “tiny magazine” law was “unenforceable.” Then a few days later changed that to “hard to enforce.” I’m beginning to think he just doesn’t know what’s going on. Well, I guess Nathan Dunlap, the “Chucky Cheese” mass child killer, will not have his sentence commuted, since Hick seems to have been re-elected. You’ll remember, Hick threatened to commute his sentence if he was NOT re-elected. (Breitbart)

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