Monday, November 3, 2014

What Happened to the Guns?

What happened in that highly-touted “gun buyback” in New Orleans? It made a lot of news when somebody contributed $100,000.00 for a private gun buyback. More news was made showing all the single-shot shotguns and the odd AR-15 and even a few old, mostly useless handguns “turned in,” and showed the guns being put in garbage cans and rolled out the door. But after that—NOTHING. What happened to those guns? Were they destroyed? Or did the people who bought them take them out sell them? Nobody knows. It was all a big PR stunt. Legitimate “gun buybacks” also make a big news event when the guns are destroyed. But this one didn’t. “”Veddy interesting!” Personally, I think it was a way for this guy to get a bunch of guns, cheap, so he could sell them and make a bundle. But who listens to me? (Gun Watch)

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