Friday, November 21, 2014

Holding DC In Contempt

A federal judge found the gun laws in DC to be unconstitutional and ordered them to make new laws that “conformed to the Constitution. So they got to work and made a flurry of new laws—that DID NOT. Their new laws are just as bad, and restrictive as were the old ones. I guess the politicians in DC are so arrogant they figure they can “flip the bird” to a federal judge, for that’s what they’re doing—in spades. They think they don’t have to obey judge’s orders, since Obama doesn’t. They’re only following his lead in IGNORING the Constitution, and the orders of federal judges. They need to be taught that they do NOT have the right to ignore the orders of federal judges, even if they ARE “the elite.” The arrogance in DC is breathtaking! (Washington Times)

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