Sunday, November 9, 2014

UN Declares Arms Treaty "On"

Even though Congress hasn’t approved it, they have declared it “in force,” while mandating “signatories” to it must “implement” (enforce) it, or THEY WILL. That means United Nations “blue helmets” coming to your door to “collect” (steal) your guns. If Obama and the Congress (now in session until January) approve it, it will be “the law of the land,” Second Amendment be damned. I don’t know if the Constitution would specifically BAN that from occurring, but unless somebody DOES something to prevent it, they will enforce it as if it were legal, using the “force of arms.” There should be a measure IN the Constitution that ANY measure that VIOLATES any provision of the Constitution is “null and void,” thus preventing a president and Congress from changing the Constitution without the required vote of the American people. With Obama’s record of “giving the constitution the finger,” I don’t put it past him and his current “compliant Congress” to “rush it into (spurious) law” BEFORE they’re forced to leave office. If that happens, I will become a criminal, because I will go out and BUY a gun. (Minute Man News)

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