Friday, November 28, 2014

"Outfoxing" the Feds

Eleven states are “outfoximg the feds” on their gun control laws by using the ”commerce clause” against them. The feds have long misused the commerce clause, twisting it all out of shape to allow themselves to interfere in state business by citing ANYTHING that has ever been SHIPPED interstate allowing them to act. But it’s not working on guns manufactured WITHIN the state, which they cannot touch. “Under the Constitution of the United States, certain limited powers are held by Washington, D.C. By default, all other powers rest in the individual states. The Founders understood the dangers of too much power being held by a central government, and they crafted the Constitution to ensure their newly emerging country would be protected from out-of-touch autocrats.” Of course, those autocrats have “gotten around” that clause for years, in many ways. Now it is being used against them. Additionally, some sates have made laws BANNING the enforcement of federal gun laws. (The Right to Bear)

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