Thursday, November 27, 2014

Trevon Martin: The Truth

The media did a good job of criminalizing George Zimmerman by lying liberally about him, AND Treyvon Martin. Much of the evidence to show the jury the truth was kept from them, some on very thin “reasoning.” In fact, a prosecutor who insisted on turning over “exculpatory evidence,” which prosecutors are REQUIRED to do, was FIRED for it. Also kept from them was the fact that Martin was a KNOWN thug, burglar and drug dealer; that Zimmerman was NOT “stalking” him, and even if he was, it wasn’t grounds to beat him to death, which Martin was trying to do when he was shot. Evidence PROVES that, just by the injuries Zimmerman suffered, countered by the almost complete LACK of injuries to Martin, except the bullet hole and some abrasions on his hands, which was evidence that He was the aggressor, not Zimmerman.

Additionally, Zimmerman was NOT a “self-appointed” neighborhood watch member, but was duly appointed by the proper authorities and even offered a quasi police car and uniform, which he refused. Then add that Zimmerman himself was part black, on his mother’s side, and Martin was sent to live with his father because he had gotten in trouble at home, and you have a ready picture of a small-time hood that had ATTACKED Zimmerman. Many are the facts that were hidden from the jury AND the world, but he was acquitted, anyway; which infuriated the public, that had been “brainwashed” by the media. The same thing is happening in Ferguson, MO, to a REAL cop, who killed a giant thug who was trying to kill him, and was halfway there when shot. (Backwoods Home Magazine)

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